Inventory – For Sale


Welcome to Casa del Mar’s lifelong vacation ownership program! A wide selection of Luxury Suites are listed below and can be yours with a one-time purchase price (not including the annual maintenance fee). All ownership week intervals run from Saturday to Saturday.

Current inventory and prices are updated on a regular basis, so if you’re interested in any of the listings shown below, simply click on the envelope icon next to the listing to inquire about availability. We are here to help you own “Your own piece of Aruba” at Casa Del Mar.


A stands for Ambassador 1-bedroom Suite (occupies 4)
P stands for Presidential 2-bedroom Suite (occupies 6)

The inventory displayed below includes both Resort (CDM) owned Suites
and Re-Sale (Private owned) Suites.

For more information contact [email protected]

WeekSuite TypeRoom NumberPriceOwnership 
41A - One bedroom1326$ 4500CDM
35A - One bedroom1235$ 2400CDM
22A - One bedroom1430$ 4500CDM
11A - One bedroom1329$ 8400CDM
11A - One bedroom1326$ 8400CDM
13A - One bedroom1134$ 7800CDM
14A - One bedroom1430$ 8400CDM
14A - One bedroom1232$ 7200CDM
14A - One bedroom1333$ 8400CDM
23P - Two bedrooms1404$ 8760CDM
23A - One bedroom1331$ 4500CDM
15A - One bedroom1128$ 4020CDM
44P - Two bedrooms1317$ 7800CDM
15A - One bedroom1331$ 4500CDM
15A - One bedroom1334$ 4500CDM
45P - Two bedrooms1124$ 16800CDM
17A - One bedroom1327$ 4500CDM
17A - One bedroom1431$ 4500CDM
17A - One bedroom1434$ 4500CDM
17A - One bedroom1226$ 3600CDM
18A - One bedroom1330$ 4500CDM
34A - One bedroom1333$ 2400CDM
18A - One bedroom1333$ 4500CDM
19A - One bedroom1127$ 4020CDM
32A - One bedroom1329$ 2400CDM
19A - One bedroom1426$ 4500CDM
19A - One bedroom1428$ 4500CDM
19A - One bedroom1432$ 4500CDM
24A - One bedroom1331$ 4500CDM
20A - One bedroom1128$ 4020CDM
20A - One bedroom1134$ 4020CDM
20A - One bedroom1433$ 4500CDM
20A - One bedroom1428$ 4500CDM
22A - One bedroom1230$ 3600CDM
22A - One bedroom1233$ 3600CDM
22A - One bedroom1332$ 4500CDM
22A - One bedroom1330$ 4500CDM
22A - One bedroom1327$ 4500CDM
22A - One bedroom1328$ 4500CDM
22A - One bedroom1128$ 4020CDM
22A - One bedroom1130$ 4020CDM
22A - One bedroom1133$ 4020CDM
22A - One bedroom1132$ 4020CDM
22A - One bedroom1127$ 4020CDM
22A - One bedroom1427$ 4500CDM
35P - Two bedrooms1201$ 8100CDM
23A - One bedroom1130$ 4020CDM
23A - One bedroom1134$ 4020CDM
23A - One bedroom1132$ 4020CDM
23A - One bedroom1127$ 4020CDM
23A - One bedroom1327$ 4500CDM
23A - One bedroom1330$ 4500CDM
23A - One bedroom1434$ 4500CDM
23A - One bedroom1334$ 4500CDM
23A - One bedroom1335$ 4500CDM
26A - One bedroom1226$ 3600CDM
23A - One bedroom1231$ 3600CDM
24A - One bedroom1231$ 3600CDM
24A - One bedroom1235$ 3600CDM
24A - One bedroom1133$ 4020CDM
24A - One bedroom1226$ 3600CDM
24A - One bedroom1328$ 4500CDM
24A - One bedroom1426$ 4500CDM
24A - One bedroom1128$ 4020CDM
24A - One bedroom1330$ 4500CDM
24A - One bedroom1335$ 4500CDM
24A - One bedroom1428$ 4500CDM
25A - One bedroom1332$ 4500CDM
25A - One bedroom1227$ 3600CDM
25A - One bedroom1229$ 3600CDM
25A - One bedroom1435$ 4500CDM
25A - One bedroom1231$ 3600CDM
25A - One bedroom1432$ 4500CDM
25A - One bedroom1128$ 4020CDM
25A - One bedroom1133$ 4020CDM
25A - One bedroom1327$ 4500CDM
25A - One bedroom1333$ 4500CDM
25A - One bedroom1335$ 4500CDM
25A - One bedroom1329$ 4500CDM
26A - One bedroom1329$ 4500CDM
26A - One bedroom1134$ 4020CDM
26A - One bedroom1128$ 4020CDM
26A - One bedroom1227$ 3600CDM
27A - One bedroom1330$ 4500CDM
27A - One bedroom1327$ 4500CDM
27A - One bedroom1329$ 4500CDM
27A - One bedroom1427$ 4500CDM
27A - One bedroom1230$ 3600CDM
27A - One bedroom1127$ 4020CDM
27A - One bedroom1128$ 4020CDM
27A - One bedroom1129$ 4020CDM
27A - One bedroom1431$ 4500CDM
27A - One bedroom1328$ 4500CDM
27A - One bedroom1227$ 3600CDM
28A - One bedroom1326$ 4500CDM
28A - One bedroom1427$ 4500CDM
28A - One bedroom1434$ 4500CDM
28A - One bedroom1134$ 4020CDM
28A - One bedroom1133$ 4020CDM
28A - One bedroom1428$ 4500CDM
28A - One bedroom1231$ 3600CDM
29A - One bedroom1328$ 4500CDM
29A - One bedroom1432$ 4500CDM
29A - One bedroom1435$ 4500CDM
29A - One bedroom1129$ 4020CDM
29A - One bedroom1227$ 3600CDM
29A - One bedroom1228$ 3600CDM
29A - One bedroom1231$ 3600CDM
30A - One bedroom1433$ 4500CDM
30A - One bedroom1426$ 4500CDM
31A - One bedroom1326$ 4500CDM
31A - One bedroom1329$ 4500CDM
31A - One bedroom1129$ 4020CDM
31A - One bedroom1131$ 4020CDM
31A - One bedroom1127$ 4020CDM
31A - One bedroom1434$ 4500CDM
13P - Two bedrooms1315$ 15600CDM
32A - One bedroom1232$ 2400CDM
32A - One bedroom1430$ 2400CDM
32A - One bedroom1228$ 2400CDM
32A - One bedroom1432$ 2400CDM
32A - One bedroom1331$ 2400CDM
33A - One bedroom1227$ 2400CDM
33A - One bedroom1235$ 2400CDM
33A - One bedroom1230$ 2400CDM
33A - One bedroom1328$ 2400CDM
33A - One bedroom1330$ 2400CDM
33A - One bedroom1228$ 2400CDM
33A - One bedroom1329$ 2400CDM
33A - One bedroom1234$ 2400CDM
33A - One bedroom1326$ 2400CDM
33A - One bedroom1130$ 2400CDM
33A - One bedroom1129$ 2400CDM
33A - One bedroom1331$ 2400CDM
34A - One bedroom1327$ 2400CDM
34A - One bedroom1233$ 2400CDM
34A - One bedroom1329$ 2400CDM
34A - One bedroom1434$ 2400CDM
34A - One bedroom1232$ 2400CDM
34A - One bedroom1229$ 2400CDM
34A - One bedroom1226$ 2400CDM
34A - One bedroom1331$ 2400CDM
34A - One bedroom1431$ 2400CDM
34A - One bedroom1430$ 2400CDM
34A - One bedroom1433$ 2400CDM
34A - One bedroom1130$ 2400CDM
34A - One bedroom1134$ 2400CDM
34A - One bedroom1131$ 2400CDM
34A - One bedroom1133$ 2400CDM
34A - One bedroom1128$ 2400CDM
34A - One bedroom1127$ 2400CDM
34A - One bedroom1334$ 2400CDM
34A - One bedroom1326$ 2400CDM
34A - One bedroom1228$ 2400CDM
34A - One bedroom1230$ 2400CDM
34A - One bedroom1328$ 2400CDM
34A - One bedroom1234$ 2400CDM
34A - One bedroom1330$ 2400CDM
34A - One bedroom1227$ 2400CDM
35A - One bedroom1228$ 2400CDM
35A - One bedroom1333$ 2400CDM
35A - One bedroom1434$ 2400CDM
35A - One bedroom1433$ 2400CDM
35A - One bedroom1431$ 2400CDM
35A - One bedroom1227$ 2400CDM
35A - One bedroom1229$ 2400CDM
35A - One bedroom1230$ 2400CDM
35A - One bedroom1232$ 2400CDM
35A - One bedroom1332$ 2400CDM
35A - One bedroom1132$ 2400CDM
35A - One bedroom1131$ 2400CDM
35A - One bedroom1126$ 2400CDM
35A - One bedroom1129$ 2400CDM
35A - One bedroom1133$ 2400CDM
35A - One bedroom1127$ 2400CDM
35A - One bedroom1128$ 2400CDM
35A - One bedroom1233$ 2400CDM
35A - One bedroom1326$ 2400CDM
35A - One bedroom1234$ 2400CDM
35A - One bedroom1226$ 2400CDM
35A - One bedroom1427$ 2400CDM
35A - One bedroom1426$ 2400CDM
35A - One bedroom1330$ 2400CDM
35A - One bedroom1328$ 2400CDM
35A - One bedroom1327$ 2400CDM
36A - One bedroom1433$ 2400CDM
36A - One bedroom1327$ 2400CDM
36A - One bedroom1428$ 2400CDM
36A - One bedroom1226$ 2400CDM
36A - One bedroom1228$ 2400CDM
36A - One bedroom1229$ 2400CDM
36A - One bedroom1235$ 2400CDM
36A - One bedroom1233$ 2400CDM
36A - One bedroom1227$ 2400CDM
36A - One bedroom1427$ 2400CDM
36A - One bedroom1131$ 2400CDM
36A - One bedroom1127$ 2400CDM
36A - One bedroom1129$ 2400CDM
36A - One bedroom1133$ 2400CDM
36A - One bedroom1332$ 2400CDM
36A - One bedroom1429$ 2400CDM
36A - One bedroom1334$ 2400CDM
36A - One bedroom1326$ 2400CDM
36A - One bedroom1329$ 2400CDM
37A - One bedroom1229$ 2400CDM
37A - One bedroom1333$ 2400CDM
37A - One bedroom1232$ 2400CDM
37A - One bedroom1230$ 2400CDM
37A - One bedroom1127$ 2400CDM
37A - One bedroom1132$ 2400CDM
37A - One bedroom1129$ 2400CDM
37A - One bedroom1128$ 2400CDM
37A - One bedroom1429$ 2400CDM
37A - One bedroom1327$ 2400CDM
37A - One bedroom1235$ 2400CDM
38A - One bedroom1234$ 3600CDM
19A - One bedroom1131$ 4020CDM
20A - One bedroom1132$ 4020CDM
38A - One bedroom1132$ 4020CDM
38A - One bedroom1127$ 4020CDM
38A - One bedroom1135$ 4020CDM
38A - One bedroom1130$ 4020CDM
38A - One bedroom1329$ 4500CDM
38A - One bedroom1235$ 3600CDM
39A - One bedroom1434$ 4500CDM
39A - One bedroom1333$ 4500CDM
39A - One bedroom1230$ 3600CDM
39A - One bedroom1335$ 4500CDM
39A - One bedroom1432$ 4500CDM
39A - One bedroom1128$ 4020CDM
39A - One bedroom1135$ 4020CDM
39A - One bedroom1127$ 4020CDM
39A - One bedroom1130$ 4020CDM
40A - One bedroom1232$ 3600CDM
40A - One bedroom1230$ 3600CDM
41A - One bedroom1228$ 3600CDM
41A - One bedroom1432$ 4500CDM
41A - One bedroom1134$ 4020CDM
41A - One bedroom1433$ 4500CDM
41A - One bedroom1429$ 4500CDM
46A - One bedroom1333$ 4500CDM
46A - One bedroom1431$ 4500CDM
46A - One bedroom1130$ 4020CDM
47A - One bedroom1129$ 4020CDM
47A - One bedroom1433$ 4500CDM
47A - One bedroom1126$ 4020CDM
48A - One bedroom1326$ 4500CDM
48A - One bedroom1328$ 4500CDM
49A - One bedroom1429$ 4500CDM
49A - One bedroom1332$ 4500CDM
49A - One bedroom1127$ 4020CDM
49A - One bedroom1135$ 4020CDM
50A - One bedroom1229$ 3600CDM
36P - Two bedrooms1424$ 16800CDM
50A - One bedroom1228$ 3600CDM
50A - One bedroom1130$ 4020CDM
43P - Two bedrooms1205$ 8100CDM
50A - One bedroom1135$ 4020CDM
50A - One bedroom1128$ 4020CDM
19A - One bedroom1331$ 4500CDM
41A - One bedroom1434$ 4500CDM
37P - Two bedrooms1424$ 16800CDM
37P - Two bedrooms1325$ 18000CDM
39P - Two bedrooms1317$ 7800CDM
19A - One bedroom1430$ 4500CDM
28P - Two bedrooms1522$ 18000CDM
24A - One bedroom1134$ 4020CDM
36A - One bedroom1333$ 2400CDM
36P - Two bedrooms1317$ 7800CDM
37P - Two bedrooms1217$ 7200CDM
36P - Two bedrooms1311$ 7200CDM
35P - Two bedrooms1109$ 6600CDM
33P - Two bedrooms1203$ 8100CDM
13P - Two bedrooms1216$ 18000CDM
20A - One bedroom1133$ 4020CDM
14P - Two bedrooms1216$ 18000CDM
33P - Two bedrooms1525$ 18000CDM
18P - Two bedrooms1317$ 7800CDM
19P - Two bedrooms1201$ 8100CDM
19P - Two bedrooms1202$ 8100CDM
21P - Two bedrooms1201$ 8100CDM
21P - Two bedrooms1204$ 8100CDM
28A - One bedroom1435$ 4500CDM
21P - Two bedrooms1405$ 8760CDM
22P - Two bedrooms1201$ 8100CDM
22P - Two bedrooms1209$ 6600CDM
23P - Two bedrooms1302$ 8760CDM
35A - One bedroom1335$ 2400CDM
30P - Two bedrooms1305$ 8760CDM
32A - One bedroom1335$ 2400CDM
32P - Two bedrooms1302$ 8760CDM
29P - Two bedrooms1503$ 8760CDM
35P - Two bedrooms1315$ 6600CDM
35P - Two bedrooms1111$ 6600CDM
33P - Two bedrooms1202$ 8100CDM
33P - Two bedrooms1204$ 8100CDM
33P - Two bedrooms1208$ 8100CDM
33P - Two bedrooms1318$ 8760CDM
33P - Two bedrooms1403$ 8760CDM
34P - Two bedrooms1113$ 6600CDM
34P - Two bedrooms1203$ 8100CDM
34P - Two bedrooms1207$ 8100CDM
34P - Two bedrooms1213$ 6600CDM
34P - Two bedrooms1215$ 6600CDM
34P - Two bedrooms1308$ 8760CDM
34P - Two bedrooms1309$ 6600CDM
34P - Two bedrooms1315$ 6600CDM
34P - Two bedrooms1316$ 8760CDM
34P - Two bedrooms1317$ 7800CDM
34P - Two bedrooms1321$ 7800CDM
34P - Two bedrooms1401$ 8760CDM
34P - Two bedrooms1408$ 8760CDM
34P - Two bedrooms1417$ 7800CDM
34P - Two bedrooms1419$ 7800CDM
34P - Two bedrooms1424$ 16800CDM
34P - Two bedrooms1306$ 8760CDM
34P - Two bedrooms1508$ 8760CDM
34P - Two bedrooms1517$ 7800CDM
34P - Two bedrooms1519$ 7800CDM
30P - Two bedrooms1302$ 8760CDM
35P - Two bedrooms1113$ 6600CDM
35P - Two bedrooms1119$ 7800CDM
35P - Two bedrooms1202$ 8100CDM
35P - Two bedrooms1207$ 8100CDM
35P - Two bedrooms1208$ 8100CDM
35P - Two bedrooms1213$ 6600CDM
35P - Two bedrooms1217$ 7200CDM
35P - Two bedrooms1219$ 7200CDM
35P - Two bedrooms1220$ 8100CDM
35P - Two bedrooms1302$ 8760CDM
35P - Two bedrooms1306$ 8760CDM
35P - Two bedrooms1318$ 8760CDM
35P - Two bedrooms1405$ 8760CDM
35P - Two bedrooms1409$ 7200CDM
35P - Two bedrooms1417$ 7800CDM
35P - Two bedrooms1419$ 7800CDM
35P - Two bedrooms1423$ 16800CDM
35P - Two bedrooms1508$ 8760CDM
35P - Two bedrooms1507$ 8760CDM
35P - Two bedrooms1509$ 7200CDM
35P - Two bedrooms1511$ 7200CDM
37P - Two bedrooms1419$ 7800CDM
36P - Two bedrooms1109$ 6600CDM
36P - Two bedrooms1111$ 6600CDM
36P - Two bedrooms1116$ 9000CDM
36P - Two bedrooms1201$ 8100CDM
36P - Two bedrooms1202$ 8100CDM
36P - Two bedrooms1214$ 8100CDM
36P - Two bedrooms1219$ 7200CDM
36P - Two bedrooms1220$ 8100CDM
36P - Two bedrooms1301$ 8760CDM
36P - Two bedrooms1308$ 8760CDM
36P - Two bedrooms1314$ 8760CDM
36P - Two bedrooms1315$ 6600CDM
36P - Two bedrooms1318$ 8760CDM
36P - Two bedrooms1320$ 8760CDM
36P - Two bedrooms1323$ 16800CDM
36P - Two bedrooms1406$ 8760CDM
36P - Two bedrooms1407$ 8760CDM
36P - Two bedrooms1409$ 7200CDM
36P - Two bedrooms1411$ 7200CDM
36P - Two bedrooms1413$ 7200CDM
36P - Two bedrooms1504$ 8760CDM
36P - Two bedrooms1505$ 8760CDM
36P - Two bedrooms1515$ 7200CDM
37P - Two bedrooms1111$ 6600CDM
37P - Two bedrooms1115$ 6600CDM
37P - Two bedrooms1119$ 7800CDM
37P - Two bedrooms1209$ 6600CDM
37P - Two bedrooms1211$ 6600CDM
37P - Two bedrooms1219$ 7200CDM
37P - Two bedrooms1301$ 8760CDM
37P - Two bedrooms1308$ 8760CDM
37P - Two bedrooms1314$ 8760CDM
37P - Two bedrooms1413$ 7200CDM
37P - Two bedrooms1423$ 16800CDM
38P - Two bedrooms1217$ 7200CDM
38P - Two bedrooms1409$ 7200CDM
33A - One bedroom1126$ 2400CDM
45A - One bedroom1231$ 3600CDM
13A - One bedroom1335$ 8400CDM
14A - One bedroom1328$ 8400CDM
44P - Two bedrooms1302$ 8760CDM
07A - One bedroom1228$ 7200CDM
35P - Two bedrooms1203$ 8100CDM
01A - One bedroom1227$ 9000Private
02A - One bedroom1327$ 12000Private
03A - One bedroom1227$ 8000Private
05A - One bedroom1226$ 8000Private
10A - One bedroom1234$ 6000Private
06A - One bedroom1427$ 8000Private
06A - One bedroom1435$ 8000Private
07A - One bedroom1226$ 8000Private
12A - One bedroom1335$ 7500Private
22P - Two bedrooms1302$ 8600Private
09A - One bedroom1335$ 9500Private
10A - One bedroom1430$ 9000Private
11A - One bedroom1129$ 7500Private
12A - One bedroom1229$ 6000Private
12A - One bedroom1235$ 6000Private
21A - One bedroom1329$ 4300Private
12A - One bedroom1328$ 6000Private
45P - Two bedrooms1111$ 7500Private
38A - One bedroom1333$ 4500Private
14P - Two bedrooms1409$ 15000Private
13A - One bedroom1328$ 5500Private
13A - One bedroom1426$ 5500Private
24P - Two bedrooms1306$ 8600Private
15A - One bedroom1429$ 4500Private
27P - Two bedrooms1321$ 7200Private
15A - One bedroom1326$ 4500Private
16A - One bedroom1426$ 4500Private
18A - One bedroom1231$ 5000Private
13A - One bedroom1128$ 6000Private
15A - One bedroom1426$ 4500Private
22A - One bedroom1234$ 2600Private
23A - One bedroom1234$ 2600Private
25P - Two bedrooms1420$ 12000Private
20P - Two bedrooms1114$ 8500Private
25A - One bedroom1232$ 2500Private
25A - One bedroom1234$ 2300Private
29A - One bedroom1434$ 3000Private
30A - One bedroom1429$ 3700Private
31A - One bedroom1132$ 4000Private
32A - One bedroom1130$ 2500Private
32A - One bedroom1234$ 2500Private
13A - One bedroom1232$ 5500Private
34A - One bedroom1333$ 2200Private
21P - Two bedrooms1202$ 8000Private
36A - One bedroom1333$ 2000Private
35P - Two bedrooms1215$ 4500Private
37A - One bedroom1332$ 4000Private
50A - One bedroom1426$ 4500Private
19A - One bedroom1326$ 4250Private
38A - One bedroom1332$ 4000Private
26P - Two bedrooms1415$ 9500Private
34P - Two bedrooms1202$ 5900Private
48A - One bedroom1427$ 4500Private
40A - One bedroom1333$ 3750Private
24P - Two bedrooms1503$ 8760Private
46A - One bedroom1430$ 3800Private
46A - One bedroom1434$ 3500Private
14A - One bedroom1326$ 8200Private
49A - One bedroom1434$ 6000Private
50A - One bedroom1332$ 3750Private
38A - One bedroom1331$ 4000Private
22P - Two bedrooms1222$ 15000Private
51A - One bedroom1226$ 15000Private
13P - Two bedrooms1508$ 14500Private
52A - One bedroom1226$ 15000Private
52A - One bedroom1229$ 9000Private
52A - One bedroom1235$ 11000Private
52A - One bedroom1332$ 10200Private
52A - One bedroom1433$ 14000Private
41A - One bedroom1126$ 3000Private
13A - One bedroom1229$ 6000Private
14A - One bedroom1229$ 6000Private
37A - One bedroom1335$ 1950Private
04P - Two bedrooms1309$ 20000Private
36P - Two bedrooms1417$ 6500Private
44A - One bedroom1226$ 3100Private
47P - Two bedrooms1109$ 7500Private
44P - Two bedrooms1304$ 8000Private
09P - Two bedrooms1317$ 20000Private
23P - Two bedrooms1111$ 7950Private
10P - Two bedrooms1313$ 18000Private
14A - One bedroom1126$ 7500Private
24P - Two bedrooms1402$ 8670Private
13P - Two bedrooms1305$ 18000Private
14P - Two bedrooms1301$ 16000Private
14P - Two bedrooms1305$ 18000Private
09A - One bedroom1432$ 8750Private
22P - Two bedrooms1319$ 7500Private
15P - Two bedrooms1114$ 18000Private
26A - One bedroom1429$ 7000Private
27A - One bedroom1429$ 7000Private
39A - One bedroom1327$ 4200Private
19P - Two bedrooms1117$ 7500Private
51A - One bedroom1332$ 10200Private
44P - Two bedrooms1319$ 8000Private
21P - Two bedrooms1203$ 8500Private
35P - Two bedrooms1308$ 5000Private
12A - One bedroom1134$ 8000Private
12A - One bedroom1128$ 6000Private
22P - Two bedrooms1417$ 6500Private
45P - Two bedrooms1405$ 8000Private
24P - Two bedrooms1520$ 8760Private
25A - One bedroom1130$ 3000Private
27P - Two bedrooms1309$ 8500Private
19A - One bedroom1334$ 3500Private
36P - Two bedrooms1217$ 6500Private
30P - Two bedrooms1215$ 7000Private
28P - Two bedrooms1113$ 9000Private
34P - Two bedrooms1217$ 3500Private
33P - Two bedrooms1223$ 10580Private
34P - Two bedrooms1221$ 7500Private
26A - One bedroom1435$ 3000Private
34P - Two bedrooms1407$ 7500Private
39A - One bedroom1331$ 4000Private
34P - Two bedrooms1521$ 8500Private
13P - Two bedrooms1409$ 15000Private
35P - Two bedrooms1203$ 6000Private
34P - Two bedrooms1114$ 9500Private
41A - One bedroom1427$ 4300Private
37P - Two bedrooms1121$ 7500Private
36A - One bedroom1335$ 1950Private
09A - One bedroom1329$ 9000Private
49A - One bedroom1428$ 4500Private
50P - Two bedrooms1209$ 9000Private
51A - One bedroom1229$ 9400Private
22A - One bedroom1333$ 5800Private
44P - Two bedrooms1409$ 7000Private
34P - Two bedrooms1501$ 6000Private
38A - One bedroom1429$ 3000Private
33P - Two bedrooms1319$ 10000Private
51P - Two bedrooms1311$ 29000Private
39A - One bedroom1427$ 4500Private
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