In the 1970’s, the concept of hotels, let alone timeshare resorts was a new and unique one for Aruba. During that time there were mostly guest houses being used to accommodate any visitors to the island. Hotels were seen as something too big and luxurious for such a small island.

On October 4th 1986, Sun Development group, by using the latest in construction techniques, opened the doors of Casa del Mar Beach Resort Phase I, two-bedroom Presidential suites, welcoming 150 employees back into the work force. Aruba’s tourism was taking off and Sun Development was at the helm, with Phase I sold out and demand for more inventory increasing almost daily, on July 17th 1987, the second phase of Casa del Mar Beach Resort was announced, and Phase II was opened in January 1989, with many existing members of ABC and Casa del Mar buying or upgrading suites in Phase II.

Many of the owners who bought their lifetime ownerships in the 1980’s still come to the island with their families or have handed their timeshare down to the next generations, who grew up loving Aruba and continue to bring their kids here to experience the resort and people of this beautiful island.

With a separate building constructed in 1989, 40 additional one-bedroom units named the Ambassador suites, were added to Casa del Mar Beach Resort which now consists of 147 well-appointed suites in total.

Although it can be referred to as a “smaller resort”, the accommodations are anything but small. The suites themselves are large and luxurious enough to comfortably sleep families of four to six people, depending on suite type. These suites are available to both transient guests and through life-long ownership by timeshare purchase. Looking towards the future of the resort, the next years look extremely bright for Casa del Mar Beach Resort, through our commitment to upgrading and elevating our services, the goal is continuing the prosperity of the past 37 years, well into the future.

The resort is in the process of developing a resort wide conceptual design scheme to blend the public areas with guest suites and bring back the warm tropical feel our members love about Aruba as well as the scheduled renovation of our two-bedroom Presidential suites. Upgrades at the Casa del Mar Beach Resort are expected to be completed over the next few years.

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